The $FOMO Token

FOMO is the backbone of our market ready decentralized advertising platform. Meet the utility token powering our ecosystem.

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You will be able to buy $FOMO by exchanging it
for BNB on PancakeSwap. You can also use our
swap widget to exchange other cryptocurrencies
or pay in fiat.

$FOMO has been audited by Cyberscope

Performance optimised

Liquidity will be locked for 500 days

FOMO is a long term project

$FOMO contract address


FOMO Powers our Network

Daily FOMO provides solutions for token owners to engage their community and drive new investors, exclusively on the BNB Chain.


Revenue Model

Tokens can use Daily FOMO Tech to send buy notifications within Telegram. Notifications include an ad unit that is available to purchase through the FOMO ad network.

Scaleable buy bot

A free to use buy bot for tokens

Real-time trending

The most accurate list of what’s trending

Group Rewards

Rewards paid in FOMO


$FOMO Tokenomics

FOMO is designed to scale with low taxes and ongoing marketing funds.

Total Supply:


Buy Tax

5% (2% LP, 3% Marketing)

Sell Tax

6% (2% LP, 3% Marketing, 1% Team)


Phase 1

  • Launch Website
  • Build Contract
  • Community Development
  • Contract Audit
  • Pre Marketing
  • Pinksale Launch

Phase 2

  • PancakeSwap Launch
  • Roll Out Marketing
  • CMC + CG Listing
  • 2,000 Holders
  • Daily FOMO Tech Launch
  • Plan CEX Listings

Phase 3

  • 5,000+ Holders
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Ongoing Marketing
  • International Communities
  • Community Airdrops

Daily FOMO Tech is a powerful suite of Telegram bots.

Launched to capitalize on the growing DeFi market. We provide advertising solutions for token owners.


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FOMO is part of the Daily FOMO network. A fast growing Web3 startup built on the BNB Chain.
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